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22 Most Amazing Fetish Toys Hand Picked for your Pleasure

We've compiled a list of the 22 Most Amazing Fetish Toys Hand Picked for your Pleasure - April 2024. We put them through their paces to bring you this list of the best on the market.
# 22 Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition - $69.95

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition The Pegger By Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition

You teased him first with a tongue or finger and now he wants more Give your boytoy the satisfaction he craves with the Pegger strapon This.

# 21 California Exotic - $29.95

Scandal Blackout Eyemask By California Exotic

Put your lover in the dark and build up the sexual anticipation with the Scandal Blackout Eyemask. Super comfortable and lightweight, these eyemasks are highly functional and fantastically aesthetic with red lacy brocade and super soft velvety backing.

# 20 Fetish Fantasy - $38.00

Fetish Fantasy Honeymoon Bondage Kit By Fetish Fantasy

Rekindle the flame and reignite the passion with this Honeymoon Bondage Set. Perfect for first-timers, everything you need for a night of fantasy and romance is included in the kit: (4) nylon tethers with adjustable satin cuffs, a discreet 5” pleasure vibe, (2) candles, a feather tickler, and a silky satin blindfold. Y

# 19 Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition - $19.95

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Vibrating Silicone Nipple Teazers By Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition

Enjoy incredible handsfree stimulation with the Vibrating Silicone Nipple Lassos These elegant silicone wonders activate with a single switc.

# 18 Fetish Fantasy - $79.99

Fetish Fantasy Cuff and Tether Set By Fetish Fantasy

The adjustable tethers can be tied to just about anything you can conjure up the only limitation is your imagination. Kit includes 4 Adjustable fantasy cuffs 4 Adjustable tethers.

# 17 XR Brands - $25.95

Detained Soft Body Chastity Cage By XR Brands

this allrubber chastity cage is the best way to experience erection restriction in discreet and flexible comfort featuring a stiff walled r.

# 16 ElectraStim - $228.00

ElectraStim EM80-E Flick Duo Dual Channel Rechargeable Electro Sex Kit By ElectraStim

The ElectraStim Flick Duo is the worlds first rechargeable electro sex machine with 2 independent channels Ideal for couples and power playe.

# 15 Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition - $22.95

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition O-Ring Gag By Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition

This beginners-friendly gag features a small metal O-Ring connected to two sturdy PVC straps. The straps adjust to fit most sizes, pulling the ring tight and keeping the mouth open wide. Gag diameter is 1.9 in.

# 14 California Exotic - $14.95

Advanced Nipple Suckers By California Exotic

Heighten your sensitivity with these teasing soft, pliable advanced nipple suckers. Superior suction Flanged design Phthalate free PVC Soft and pliable

# 13 ElectraStim - $289.00

ElectraStim Flick Duo Stimulator Multi-Pack EM80-M Rechargeable Electrosex Set By ElectraStim

Remember 'Bop It'? Well now you can 'flick it' in the bedroom! Giving the unit its name, the Flick can be operated with a simple flick of the wrist. Sending electrical pulses to the accessory of your choice, enjoy waves of tingly pleasure inside or out.A completely unique sensation, electro stimulation uses TENS technology (usually used for pain re...

# 12 Pipedream - $61.99

Pipedream Fetish Bed Restraint Bondage Kit with Cuffs By Pipedream

Transform your bed into a passion playground with these underthemattress bed bindings Experience the thrill of bondage and role play This ki.

# 11 Bound to Please - $29.97

Bound to Please Riding Crop By Bound to Please

Whip your lover into a frenzy with this luxurious riding crop. Crafted for precise impact play, this slender beauty is cream of the crop from tip to handle, with a folded faux leather tip delivering audible cracks and tingling pleasure for the receiver.

# 10 Scandal - $46.99

Scandal Bed Restraint Kit by California Exotic (3 Pce) By Scandal

If you're into full (and we mean full) submission, then this kit is for you. With an under-mattress restraint system to bind arms and legs, a breathable ball gag for muffling moans and a blindfold for sensory deprivation, all you need now is a safe word!

# 9 ElectraStim - $129.00

ElectraStim EM60-E Flick Single Output Stimulator and ElectraPads Set By ElectraStim

There's no danger (danger!), but plenty of high voltage (when you touch, when you kiss) with the EM60 unit in your toy box. Blending TENS technology with a motion-activated control unit, explore thrilling contactless spanking and zap-tastic oral sex.

# 8 Fetish Fantasy - $87.99

Fetish Fantasy Door Swing By Fetish Fantasy

Always wanted a sex swing but don't have the room? This bondage favourite allows you to turn your household doors into a couples sex toy instantly. Made from Neoprene and thick Nylon, it's incredibly sturdy and super-comfortable for vertical hanky panky.

# 7 Pipedream - $246.99

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing By Pipedream

Difficult sexual positions are no longer exclusive to the athletic and sexually gifted…Now, any couple can perform the most difficult, most stimulating sexual positions ever imagined—and reap the benefits and pleasures they arouse! Enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions and explore your deepest fantasies with this

# 6 Fetish Fantasy - $99.95

Fetish Fantasy Ultra Inflatable Position Master By Fetish Fantasy

It's time to get in pole position. Indulge in your wildest fantasies with the Ultra Inflatable Position Master. Its slanted, flocked design allows you to relax in any position without sliding off. Perfect for a sexy weekend away, simply deflate it and go.

# 5 Fifty Shades of Grey - $19.99

Fifty Shades Darker Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral Clamp By Fifty Shades of Grey

The clitoris boasts more than 8,000 nerve endings, but did you know that most of them are located at the sides? A clit clamp focuses attention exactly where you need it, delivering increased sensitivity and better orgasms. So, what are you waiting for?

# 4 Fifty Shades of Grey - $44.95

Fifty Shades Freed All Sensation Nipple and Clitoral Chain By Fifty Shades of Grey

Look and feel divine with the ultimate erotic fashion statement that is this beautiful nipple and clitoral chain. Discover the thrill of sensation which occupies a sweet place between pleasure and pain and enjoy a new level of sensory play and excitement.

# 3 ElectraStim - $192.00

ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electrosex Stimulator Multipack Set By ElectraStim

EM60 Flick is a rechargeable power unit that revolutionises electrosex play with motion-activated electrical currents and a whopping 24 different intensity levels. Plus, unlike many e-stim toys it boasts 7 patterns and comes with 3 plug in accessories.

# 2 Pipedream - $57.99

Pipedream Pink Passion Bondage Kit By Pipedream

Explore each others naughty side with this allinone Pink Passion Bondage Kitbrbr Perfect for couples looking to try something fun and differ.

# 1 Fifty Shades of Grey - $119.95

Fifty Shades Greedy Girl 9.5" Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator By Fifty Shades of Grey

Tailor-made orgasms are on hand with Greedy Girl, a G-spot rabbit vibrator that combines silky silicone with 36 possible vibration mode combinations. USB rechargeable, waterproof and travel-friendly with 2 powerful motors and 15 speeds and patterns.

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