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22 Most Popular Hens, Bucks & Stag Night Products According To Scientists

We've compiled a list of the 22 Most Popular Hens, Bucks & Stag Night Products According To Scientists - April 2024. We put them through their paces to bring you this list of the best on the market.
# 22 Kheper Games - $11.95

Naughty Confetti By Kheper Games

Naughty Confetti includes 15 grams of penis-shaped confetti in four metallic colors red purple blue and pink. Confetti is a party must for bachelorettes birthdays and many other event that needs a little spicing up. Penis confetti can be used for decorations party invitations to toast a new year to throw at a surprise party!

# 21 Hott Products Unlimited - $11.00

Liquored Up Cock Pops - Strawberry Daiquiri By Hott Products Unlimited

Lick it up or Suck It up with these great tasting Pecker Pops! Comes in 3 succulent liquor flavors:  Mai Tai Bahama Mama Strawberry Daiquiri

# 20 Bachelorette - $25.95

Bachelorette Party Favors Strap-on Pecker Ring Toss - Pink By Bachelorette

The totally outrageous bachelorette party gamebrbrPerfect forbr8226 Bachelorette Partiesbr8226 Theme Partiesbr8226 Bridal Showersbr8226 Offi.

# 19 - $14.95

Mr & Mrs Trivia Card Game

How well do you really know your future “other half”? the Mr & Mrs Trivia Card Game will reveal all their dirty little secrets and fantasies!

# 18 Kheper Games - $14.95

Glow in the Dark Naughty Penis Straws By Kheper Games

These penis straws come in a pack of 8 and are glow in the dark.Just hold the straw under a bright light for 1-2 minutes, go into a dark room, and watch the penis glow!Drinking out of a straw has never been more fun!

# 17 Pipedream - $12.95

Hens Night Penis Straws - Flesh - One Size By Pipedream

pNo Hens Night could ever be complete without penis straws and these ones glow in the dark to add extra excitement brbr Get yourself a drink.

# 16 - $10.00

Lucky Sex Dice Game

Everyone’s a winner with the Lucky Sex Dice Game! Just match 3 colours to get lucky! Take turns rolling the dice and act out each foreplay feature on the first two dice. If all three colours match, you win!

# 15 Kheper Games - $20.95

Dicky Squishy Toy - Flesh By Kheper Games

bSlow rising 55 tall bananascented squishy toy for adultsBbrbrMade of slow rising PU material brbrulliGreat fun as a party favor stress reli.

# 14 ATMS - $7.95

Bachelorette Party Pecker Banner - Pink By ATMS

Bachelorette Party Pecker BannerBRBRDecorations are essential to every bachelorette party This cute Pecker Banner will do the trick It39s 9 .

# 13 Bachelorette - $7.95

Bp Pecker Balloons 8 Pcs - Pink By Bachelorette

Pecker BalloonsbrPINK amp PURPLEbr8 pcsbrbrMake the girls last night out an unforgettable one with these hilarious Bachelorette party favors.

# 12 ATMS - $73.95

Cum Face - Duel Pump Action Game By ATMS

This hilarious dual pump action penis game is like nothing else you have seen and the perfect party piece for bachelor and bachelorette part.

# 11 ATMS - $0.95

Glowing Pecker Straw 1pc - One Size By ATMS

Bachelorette Party Favors Glow In The Dark Pecker Sipping Straws At your next party have your guests wrap their lips around these festive st.

# 10 Kheper Games - $23.95

Rainbow Shot Glass Set - Multi By Kheper Games

Drink it lick it love itbrbrAdd some colour to your next party with these delightfully coloured phallic shaped shot glasses .

# 9 ATMS - $4.95

Sexy Lighter- Male - Flesh By ATMS

bSexy Lighter Maleb Need a light How about these sexy lighters Theyre naked refreshing and at your fingertips Whether is a sexy male or fema.

# 8 ATMS - $8.95

Pecker Candles - Flesh By ATMS

Add a cheeky touch to your hens party with these pecker candles With 6 pecker candles in each pack these candles will be sure to be a hit.

# 7 Fetish Fantasy - $31.95

Fetish Fantasy Series Silk Rope Love Cuffs - Black By Fetish Fantasy

Now you can enjoy the ancient art of Japanese bondage without having to be an expert These Silk Rope Love Cuffs make ropestyle bondage play .

# 6 ATMS - $22.95

Travel Size John Blow Up Doll By ATMS

Dont let his size fool you Mini John is maximum man Like most dudes this hunky heartthrob loves gettin blown just add air and hes your ver.

# 5 ATMS - $3.95

Sexy Lighter- Female - Flesh By ATMS

bSexy Lighter Femaleb Need a light How about these sexy lighters Theyre naked refreshing and at your fingertips Whether is a sexy male or fe.

# 4 Kheper Games - $10.00

Lets F*ck Dice Game By Kheper Games

A great fcking game Players take turns rolling both dice After each roll a player performs the action rolled on the body part rolled of the .

# 3 Kheper Games - $11.95

A Year Of Sex! Card Game By Kheper Games

have you had sex in 5 positions how about 10 positions 20 now try over 50 positions a year of sex offers you over 50 different kama sutra po.

# 2 Pipedream - $8.95

Lipstick Penis Single - Single By Pipedream

Color those DSLs with our luscious Pecker Lipsticks brbrYou will recieve 1 lipstick in the shape of a penis randomly selected colourbrbrbCo.

# 1 ATMS - $11.95

Bj Blast Oral Sex Candy 3pack - 3 Pc Pack By ATMS

BJ Blastbr3 PackbrbrIt039s finally here The world039s only fizzing popping bursting exploding ORAL SEX CANDY Just sprinkle some in your mout.

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