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22 Most Amazing Books According To Reviews

We've compiled a list of the 22 Most Amazing Books According To Reviews - April 2024. We put them through their paces to bring you this list of the best on the market.
# 22 - $14.95

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is the first installment in British author EL James' deliciously erotic trilogy following the now infamous sexcapades of enigmatic entrepreneur Christian Grey and his mistress, the innocent young literature student Anastasia Steele, t

# 21 Lovehoney - $16.95

Lovehoney Position of the Week 52 Sex Positions Book (Women Who Love Women) By Lovehoney

Overcome the same old sex position snoozefest with this refreshing book of 52 positions. Each illustrated position includes an explanation on how to make the most of your new sex pose, so you can share a year of new intimate adventures.

# 20 Lovehoney - $16.95

Lovehoney Position of the Week 52 Sex Positions Book (Men Who Love Men) By Lovehoney

Uninspired by all your old fave positions? Revitalise your sex life with this handy book of 52 sex positions. Each position is illustrated and includes a description of how to best enjoy it, so you can share a whole year of sexual happiness.

# 19 - $13.95

Lust! Card Game

Explore both romantic and physical intimacy with your lover, with the Lust! Card Game from Kepher. With over 30,000 love-making possibilities, you're sure to enjoy a new one each night!

# 18 Kheper Games - $19.95

Sex! Board Game By Kheper Games

The most popular adult card game in the world is now also a steamy hot board game. As you move around board you and your lover engage in erotic foreplay and tantalizing treats. Earn sex position cards by correctly answering trivia questions.

# 17 Lovehoney - $16.95

Lovehoney Guide to Oral Sex By Lovehoney

Put your money where your mouth is and learn how to blow your lover’s mind. Packed full of ways to master kisses down under, this handy guide is perfect for those looking to boost their skills. Better get soundproofing the bedroom, this may get loud.

# 16 Lovehoney - $16.95

Lovehoney Guide to Intimate Massage By Lovehoney

Rub your lover up the right way with help from this handy massage book. Packed full of tips and tricks, this guide shows you how to work those magic fingers to set the mood, banish stress and melt their troubles away. Go on, you know they’re worth it.

# 15 Lovehoney - $19.95

Lovehoney Position of the Week Colouring Book By Lovehoney

Colouring is a relaxing way to spend a rainy afternoon, but don't you wish it was a wee bit sexier? Inspired by our very own Position of the Week blog, we bring you this sex position colouring book, packed full of saucy positions to decorate and try.

# 14 - $29.95

1000 Sex Games

You'll never run out of games to play with 1000 Sex Games! Start with a cheeky foreplay, move on to sexy plot twists and finish with passionate love-making.

# 13 - $14.95

The Mister by E L James

Dive into the pages of the latest erotic thriller from E L James, author of the best-selling Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. This edge-of-the seat ride follows the stormy romance of wealthy English heir, Maxim Trevelyan, and the enigmatic Alessia Demachi.

# 12 Tracey Cox - $19.95

Tracey Cox Hot Sex By Tracey Cox

If you're looking to transform your sex life, look no further than Hot Sex by Tracey Cox. The essential sex guide for the 21st century, Hot Sex answers all the questions the other sex books skirt around.

# 11 Fifty Shades of Grey - $14.95

Fifty Shades Darker by E L James By Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades Darker is the second instalment of E L James' Fifty Shades Trilogy. Daunted by Grey's singular erotic tastes, Ana decides to break off their relationship. But her desire for Christian never fades, and his dominance over her continues...

# 10 Fifty Shades of Grey - $14.20

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James By Fifty Shades of Grey

The erotic romance everyone's talking about. Romantic, liberating and totally addictive, this novel will possess you, and stay with you forever. The first in the trilogy, you'll be gripped!

# 9 Lovehoney - $19.95

Lovehoney Position of the Week Cards By Lovehoney

Tell the Kama Sutra to beat it and try our 'Position of the Week' cards on for size. Featuring a smorgasbord of positions, from updated old favourites to totally new feats of acrobatics, these handy cards are perfect for a little sexual inspiration.

# 8 Lovehoney - $19.95

Lovehoney Colour Your Pleasure Colouring Book By Lovehoney

Whether their art is 50 shades of grey or red hot, your lover will be tickled pink by this colouring book. With an array of saucy illustrations to decorate, this cheeky gift may be the black sheep of the book world, but others will be green with envy.

# 7 - $14.99

The Handi Book of Love, Lust and Disability

Beautifully designed, this incredible book from Handi opens up new conversations about sex, relationships and disability. It's packed with powerful and inspiring stories, poetry and artwork from 50 phenomenal disabled contributors from around the world.

# 6 Lovehoney - $16.95

Lovehoney Do You Come Here Often? Role Play Book By Lovehoney

If you've always wanted to try role play but haven't been sure where to start, this book will give you a helping hand. With 52 sizzling scenarios to explore, you can live out your friskiest fantasies each week for a whole year of fiction-fuelled fun.

# 5 Lovehoney - $16.95

Lovehoney A Guide to Talking Dirty By Lovehoney

For those who love to talk dirty, but get a little tongue-tied, we have the perfect guide. With 52 phrases to try with your lover, this pocket-sized book is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Use the guide for inspiration, then try a freestyle.

# 4 Lovehoney - $16.95

Lovehoney 52 Things I Want You To Do To Me By Lovehoney

Keep your lover on their toes with our little book of sexual mischief, featuring not 50, not 51, but – you guessed it – 52 sensual ideas to try together. From the sweet and innocent to the downright filthy, our pocket-sized guide has it all.

# 3 Lovehoney - $16.95

Lovehoney Bondage for Beginners By Lovehoney

Learn the ropes (and gags, and handcuffs) of bondage with this pocket-sized book offering 52 first-time friendly scenarios. By the end of a year you'll have enjoyed a new bondage experience every week, and be well-equipped to delve further into restraint.

# 2 Lovehoney - $16.95

Lovehoney Position of the Week By Lovehoney

Reinvigorate your sex life with this book of 52 sex positions – that's a new position every week for a whole year of sexual happiness! Each position comes with an illustration as well as a description of how to get the most out of your erotic adventure.

# 1 Lovehoney - $16.95

Lovehoney Play With Me: An Activity Book for Adults By Lovehoney

Step aside sudoku, on yer bike crosswords, we’ve got new rainy day activities up our sleeves. Featuring 61 saucy pages, packed with scandalously sexy activities, our book of fun is sure to keep you busy. Spot of bondage bingo, anyone?

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